Qualitive Fit Testing


Introducing a no stress, no mess qualitative fit testing solution. The Qfit™ Respirator Fit Tester is the only OSHA (29CFR1910.134) compliant automated pump driven nebulizer for BITREX® and Saccharin to qualitatively fit test the integrity of respirators. At the push of a button, the Qfit™ fit tester generates a consistent test agent with a pump driven nebulizer utilizing pre-filled cartridges, eliminating repetitive stress disorders and the nuisance of mixing, handling and refilling solutions.

The Qfit™ fit tester is offered in both an automatic and a manual model. The main difference between automatic and manual versions is that the automatic version controls the Qfit™ fit tester by utilizing a built-in timing sequence to automatically execute the fit test protocol. The manual version requires the user to control the Qfit™ fit tester manually to execute the fit test protocol. Both automatic and manual Qfit™ fit testers can be operated in either a handheld or remote modes.

Features & Benefits